Alternative Media for a New Millennium… Creative digital video documentaries for Cultural Creatives…
Media that dares… Media that holds itself accountable… Media that empowers the viewer… Media that challenges our accepted cultural and scientific beliefs… Media that is not beholden to the priorities of the
entrenched corporate, militaristic and materialistic status quo…
In short, a media of Love.

Most Recent Work

  • Deception On Demand

    Cameraman, Director of Photography, Editor

    Company stole tens of thousands of dollars from indie filmmakers! Learn the truth about an international scam by con...

  • Recon Reunites

    Editor, Portfolio parent category, recent

    This documentary follows the reunion of members of the Reconnaissance Army Veterans, 4th of the 23rd battalion of the 25th Infantry Division...

  • The Healing Field

    Cameraman, Portfolio parent category, recent

    Explore breakthroughs in quantum physics, genetics, energy medicine, and mind-body techniques. Meet acclaimed experts and practitioners; see inspiring healing stories; and...

  • Horace Tapscott: Musical Griot

    Editor, recent

    HORACE TAPSCOTT : MUSICAL GRIOT documents the life of piano genius, community activist, and mentor to three generations of young...


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