About Free Spirit Productions

FREE SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS is a television, video and new media production and post-production company begun in 1997 by award-winning Producer/Director/Editor/Cameraman Christopher Toussaint.

about-coldfusionIn addition to offering creative services for independent producers, non-profits and corporate clients, Free Spirit Productions develops and produces programs of its own. Previous productions have won numerous awards and grants and have reached hundreds of thousands of viewers in America and internationally.

Cold Fusion: Fire From Water is a documentary on the scientific breakthrough of low-temperature nuclear reactions that continues to confound physics and promise a future of non-polluting energy from water. Together with Cold Fusion Technology, Inc. of New Hampshire, Free Spirit Productions completed this 1-hour television program and home video released in April 1999. As a follow-up of sorts to Toussaint’s Telly Award Finalist and Aurora Award winning Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point (1997), distributed by Lightworks Audio & Video, this program details the true story of discovery that continues to this day – hundreds of scientists worldwide, some in government-sponsored labs, detecting verified, repeatable, yet unexplainable results that clearly show dramatic excess heat energy and anomalous nuclear-like effects — despite the criticism of an entrenched academic elite who originally ridiculed Pons & Fleischmann’s now famous 1989 announcement of room-temperature, low-level nuclear reactions in a bottle. Features Arthur C.Clarke, Dr. Eugene Mallove and others and is hosted by James Doohan (engineer “Scotty” from the original Star Trek).

about-roswellFree Spirit Productions intends to create more projects like Toussaint’s multiple award-winning and best-selling Opening To Angels (1994) which delves beyond the etheric veils of what we know about human, non-human and spiritual dimensions. Unlike many “New Age” or “new paradigm” media efforts, Free Spirit Productions is dedicated to uncompromising high-quality, artistic, integrity-based and intellectually-stimulating programming that appeals to an educated, self-reflective audience underserved by tabloid TV and tightly-controlled mainstream commercial media. Two such productions include Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup, winner of 3 EBE Awards at the International UFO Congress and a Telly Award finalist, and For A World We Choose Foundation’s Experiencing The Soul.

Peace In Space and On Earth, with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, is a half-hour advocacy video promoting national legislation and an international treaty to ban space-based weapons produced for The Institute for Cooperation in Space.

These programs and others like them are being aired and distributed through existing and emerging cable TV networks, public television, leading-edge home video and educational catalogs, and online distribution channels such as broadband Internet and pay-per-view. One such program in distribution through UFO TV is a UFO reality bio, David Adair At Area 51. Another hour-long art biography Visions: The Art of Catherine Andrews, is available on Amazon and GAIA TV. Other upcoming programs in development delve into new-paradigm perspectives to give underserved audiences alternative avenues to reach a greater understanding in the sciences, spirituality and the natural environment.

“More and more people are realizing that they themselves ARE this ‘new consciousness’,” says Toussaint, “and they (we) are starting to awaken to it, and when that happens, more and more viewers will naturally want to see it’s validity, beauty and hope reflected in the electronic media.”

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