Beyond the cutting edge…beyond even the bleeding edge. We are pioneering the healing edge.

About Free Spirit Productions

FREE SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS is a television and video production and post-production company begun in 1997 by award-winning Producer/Director Christopher Toussaint .

In addition to offering creative services for independent producers, non-profits and corporate clients, Free Spirit Productions develops and produces programs of its own. Previous productions have won numerous awards and grants and have reached hundreds of thousands of viewers in America and internationally.


About Chris

Christopher Toussaint is an award-winning documentary film & video producer/director, cameraman and editor.

Specializing in progressive, leading-edge new-paradigm media, Toussaint received the 2004 Roy W. Dean Film Grant for his work-in-progress, The Secret Life of Water, about the healing and pollution-clearing effects of energized or “structured” waters. He also assists independent producers and companies with various media production and computer graphic services.


Production Services