From the amusing to the satiric, from the factual to fantasy, from the spiritual and metaphysical to the political, Christopher Toussaint sees things from a unique point-of-view as this sampling suggests:

“You’ve heard of the leading edge, the cutting edge, even the bleeding edge? Now its time for the healing edge!”
“Our artists with conviction are our true leaders who haven’t yet been selected; while our selected leaders are true con artists who haven’t yet been convicted.”

“USA: A Great Nation, A Lousy Empire”
“In a nation founded on freedom, the Truth can not be denied forever.”

“I have seen the future. It doesn’t work…It plays!”

“Realize with your real eyes that we are all real ‘I’s…”

“Imagine a nation with imagination.”

“Lies are created. The truth simply is.”

“You’re going to have a good time whether you like it or not.”

“No one’s to blame. We’re all spiritually lame.”
“A wise man is one who takes ‘know’ for an answer.”

“The corporate owned media is reliable. You can rely on them to be ABLE to REpeat the LIES of the status quo.”

“God has spies in hell.”

“There has never been a law which hasn’t been broken.”

“Authors must assume author-ity.”

“No one is free ’til they swallow their ‘me'”.
“Its Time to Align Mankind to the Divine Design.”

“Are we alone?”
“We never were alone. We always are all one.”

“I choose to be the canary in the coalmine. But with a gas mask and a bullhorn!”

and lastly but not lastly…

“I want to be the first man to set foot on the Sun!”